Νέο προϊόν

Συνθετικός υπνόσακος 2-3 εποχών, μικρός και ελαφρύς. 

Για καλοκαίρι και κάτι παραπάνω αυτός ο βραβευμένος υπνόσακος διαθέτει κουνουπιέρα στο πρόσωπο αλλά και στα πόδια, ζεστός στα σημεία που χρειάζεται περισσότερο, η θήκη του αναποδογυρίζει και με την fleece μεριά τη κάνουμε μαξιλάρι και πολλές ακόμη λεπτομέρειες.

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες παρακάτω.

Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες

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Pack Size 26.0 x ø17.0cm
Suggested Usage Min
Suggested Usage Max 25°
Extreme -10°
Performance 2 Season
Fill Type Synthetic
Zip Side Left
Max User Height 190cm
Ext Chest Width 80cm
Int Length 200cm
Int Chest Width 78cm
Int Foot Width 53cm
Shape Mummy
  • 2 panel 3D hood - Prevents heat loss from the head for maximum warmth
  • Diamond polyester ripstop shell
  • Full Length Two-Way Auto-Lock Zip with Zip Guard: Used to seal in warmth or provide ventilation and can be used from inside the bag. Anti-catch piping helps to prevent the zip from snagging on the lining.
  • Insulated zip baffle - Retains heat within the sleeping bag and reduces cold spots
  • Insulite™ Superfine insulation - a blend of spiralised, siliconised fibres, which combine to produce a highly compressible, extremely durable and lightweight filling
  • Internal pocket - Provides convenient storage for small items
  • Loose shell - Reduces cold spots to keep you warmer at night
  • Lightweight mosquito net - Coated in anti-bacterial finish to repel midges, mosquitos, wasps, hornets and other insects
  • Reversible stuffsack is fleece lined and can be used to create a pillow. Removable compression system.
  • Soft to the touch, Polair Silky gives a level of comfort that is hugely beneficial after a long day’s trekking.
  • Temperature ratings independently measured in accordance with EN 13537:2012 - Extensively tested to meet accurate temperature rating standards
  • Vango Shield - Effectively repels insects and prevents growth of odour-causing bacteria and mould
  • Zip extends around foot - Optional ventilation at the foot of bag. Allows sleeping bag to be used as a blanket in warm weather